When considering making major changes to your home, there’s comfort in establishing a plan and understanding the process. Our approach to your project is a collaborative one from beginning to end.

Step #1: Identify


We want to get to know you because you are the definition and heart of your project. Like persistent journalists, we will ask detailed questions to truly understand how you currently use your home and how you envision your family growing into the re-envisioned space.

This process takes time and plenty of thoughtful consideration, but we have found that such a thorough discovery process assists our clients in developing a clearer vision of what they are looking for in their project. The information gleaned from such detailed conversations provide us with foundation to begin the next phase of the process!

Step #2: Design


Once the scope of your project is well defined, we carefully evaluate the details of our discovery. We determine the different aspects of design and construction required for your project and then bring together a team of specialists. We combine the insights of designers, architects, plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople with your vision in order to develop an executable plan with an appropriate timeline and approximate budget.

Once all of the details are assembled, we present our suggested plan to you. After a thorough review, we have a candid dialogue to address any modifications you would like to see. It is only when everyone is confident in the plan that we will begin.

Step #3: Build


With an agreed upon plan, our team gets underway. We begin submitting the necessary product orders, arrange services and coordinate with the necessary technicians to effectively begin construction.

An experienced project manager will be assigned to your project and will maintain an open dialogue with you throughout, making any adjustments during the process that your preferences may dictate. Our team will be present each step of the way to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship go into your home. Should any unexpected issues arise, you can count on us to work diligently with any necessary parties to provide the appropriate reparations that meet our standards.

Step #4: Renew


Now that the dust has settled, the paint has dried and the last piece of furniture has been placed, we leave you and your family to enjoy your revitalized space that adds comfort to your everyday life and that adds value to your home.

In the end, we hope we have created not just a partnership, but a friendship, with a family that thinks positively on the process and looks joyfully on the final result.